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CLOSED Namao Airport
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Namao CAFB

Alberta (Edmonton in particular) is hell bent on removing itself from the aviation community. The Calgary Airport Authority (a privately owned operator) is the only corporation making any real effort to develop aviation interests in Alberta.

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This used to be the airport with the longest runway in the Commonwealth (12,000 ft). The Canadian Forces Base (CFB Edmonton / Namao), in the 1980s and 90s flew C-130 Hercules, DHC-5 Buffalo, DHC-6 Twin Otter fixed-wing aircraft and CH-147 Chinook, CH-136 Kiowa and CH-135 Twin Huey helicopters; what a waste of 12,000 ft of concrete. YED is now, probably, the heliport with the widest helipad in the world!

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