Waterville / Kings County Municipal Airport
Waterville, Nova Scotia, Canada

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This is a total shame

I fly my plane from Georgia, USA to Nova Scotia on a regular basis, and now I learn that the only general aviation airport in the Annapolis Valley is being closed. There are only a handful of general aviation airports across the entire Nova Scotia, and the very best one is being closed for 'possible' expansion of a business???? What kind of logic is that? Where am I supposed to land when visiting Kentville? Is the airbase at Greenwood open to general aviation?

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Short Sighted Municipality - Closing this airport in 2015

The excellent airport is slated for closure 30 September 2015. The municipal council has decided without consultation with the public to close the airport under pressure of the Provincial Government to sell the land to a nearby industry for 'possible' expansion. The province would not provide any money for the move and the local municipal council forced the facilities to consider consolidation at the nearby Greenwood Airforce Base. During the long draw-out process of deciding to close the airport, the uncertainty of the future, closed the flight training school and one repair facility. The future of aviation in the Annapolis Valley is in doubt and an excellent airport will have been destroyed

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Airport user for 20 years

This is the one of the best general aviation airport in Nova Scotia. Gas, flight training, mechanics it has it all.

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