Grimsby Airpark
Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

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flew in today

I really enjoyed flying into Grimsby Air Park today. I called up on the telephone prior to arriving no answer, left no voice mail however a kind gentlemen called me back. Told him my intentions and he was more than accommodating. Nobody was around but the place was neat and orderly. I was able to use the washroom and I felt the runway was in good shape considering I'm sure it gets very little funding if any. As Ontario Municipalities who have airports squeeze the life out of GA, it's a treat to land at an airport like Grimsby. Bravo.

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Better places to go by far......

Agreed way better places to go...... thought about storing my plane here.... but no security.... runway in bad shape.... PASS!

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New owners won't change this airpark

This area is devoid of anything to do.... landed here a year ago..... thought I would try again recently..... still nothing to do in the area.... NOTL is a WAY BETTER destination. Plus the airport looks like it belongs in the

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boo hoo hoo crew

you folk are a bunch of rich wankers.pretend you are not the elite special like the rest of us.i can bet you and your wife i either doctors or school teachers. pound salt please

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It was never that great, but has GONE DOWNHILL!

The last time I landed here was about 5 years ago and thought despite the negative reviews I would drop in recently. The recent reviews were accurate. Not certain who would buy it, but I won't be returning. St. Catharines airport is the best in the area with lots to do and good facilities! I wonder what happened on that plane crash that occurred there last year. Hushed up!

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Thought I would try it....

I should have listened. Waste of time! Rude worker or owner! I don't know which. Guess they are trying to sell it so don't care anymore. Who would buy it in its current shape???? Niagara on the Lake is THE place to go and just a few minutes away as the plane flies!!!!

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Agreed - Better places to land

Much better to go to NOTL. Better shape, more to do in local area. I won't land here again.

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This place is in the middle of nowhere. Felt like I had just landed in the Ozarks. Had a much better time in NOTL. Thanks for the suggestion!

Would not recommend at all!

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I agree

This airpark is not properly maintained. I will not return. SW winds brutal. I understand from a local that it is always like that. St. Catharines is much more professional and close to Niagara on the Lake! Great food and great wine, plenty of ground transportation and lodgings. Just sayin....

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Grimsby Airpark

I wouldn't land here again. The runway is in poor shape. There are large trees at the north end which present a disconcerting challenge.

There are much nicer airparks in the area.

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Nice airport

Quiet small airport. Well maintained runway, good approaches, nice folks at the FBO. Finding it is a tiny bit of a challenge, though following the railroad while checking a Pearson VOR radial helps. Loved the autumn scenery around Grimsby - so quiet, so sweet.

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lots of wine arround

the placing is great the only few things that it could use at times the runaway could use a little work and i would like to see some form of transportation ( the only thing around is a 2 car taxi service ). but lots of wine only 15 minutes drive from Vineland with lots of vineyards and a wine festival in the spring. also close to Hamilton and 30 minutes from Niagara Falls

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