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Iqaluit Airport

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Tue, 28 Jul 2015
Anonymous flyer on Iqaluit Airport view thread

Reply to @philippe:

They were all out as of mid-July 2015, none expected until August.

Operator: +1 867 979-5224 (Nunavut government)

Fuel (Jet-A, 100LL by prior arrangement): +1 867 979-1620 or +1 867 979-2855

Reply to @david: I read a couple of books by a Minnesota dentist who liked to take his Super Cub for trips around the Canadian North - it sounded like he often had to arrange for drums at places he was planning to stop, and he'd take the excess on board as baggage. Then he'd fly for a while, find a likely lake to drop into (he was on straight floats) and then transfer the fuel from the bags in the baggage compartment to the fuel tanks.

Thanks. It sounds like the Quebec side of James Bay and Hudson Bay is a better bet than the Ontario/Manitoba/NWT side -- I can't find any avgas between Moosonee and Churchill, except for maybe buying drums.

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