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Resolute Bay Airport
Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada

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First Air friend reported drunken fss, drunken maintenance c

I was just chatting with a friend who works for First Air up in Resolute. He was telling me that this past fall the CARS guy was wasted at work and they had to wake him up. Then later the same week the maintenance guy was suspended for driving drunk on the airstrip. He was telling me that first air had a bad crash there last year, a 737. Loss of life/aircraft. He said the guys were playing video games in the office when it happened. The weather was way off from what the guy was reporting then (the same guy who was drunk and had to be woken up before). Somebody has to stand up and do something about this kind of lawless operation in the north. It's aviation for x sakes, not a janitorial business. Transport should run these northern communities directly to ensure they are operated up to standard. How many people are going to die or risk their lives before something is done?

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Spent some time around here!

Not a scenic place. Oddity of an airstrip too. Maintenance is good here, big strip (6000ft+) Somewhat of an ILS when it works. 2 NDBs. But same thing across the territory, unreliable service. The radio weather guy is usually high or drunk or having a social club in the weather office often stinks like booze or cannabis. You go in there and the guy gives you his whole life story. They aren't sure if they are CARS, FIC, or ATC. The zone is a bit confusing too, 25 mile control zone, but uncontrolled airspace. Same problem with maintenance on the runway as many northern strips. When I was there a few years back we had a near miss. I think they fired a guy over it and hired him back in another airfield. This one is staffed around the clock for weather; just go give the cars guy a nudge to wake up first. Nice to catch the news or some tunes on the mf though, its usually blasting in the background when you call up hhehe

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