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Vancouver International Airport
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Passport control

Coming back from abroad, standing in avery long line with over a hundred people ahead of me. The new system is very insufficient and slow. Multiple airport clerks walking around looking busy doing nothing. It feels like an international airport was not ready to receive multiple flights.

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Tv subtitles in french

Don't get why all TV in westjet A-D is all in french..i. understand French is applicable.. but ALL tv's

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re: re: Why no Uber or Lyft?

Your points are correct only to a degree - you exaggerate on every item presented. As one who uses taxis at YVR regularly, I have only once had a delay in the past year. I do agree that the airport could do with more taxis available especially with late evening arrivals.

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re: Why no Uber or Lyft?

YVR Ground management team do not listen to actual taxi drivers, they do meetings with taxi owners most of them even not qualified to drive taxi. Curb side staff they do not have driving license, only training given to them how to suspend drivers. Drivers do not like flat rate so they avoid yvr, they make more money in town. To load taxis yvr need trained professionals not minimum wage immigrants. Next time when you vote elect MP who has guts to raise this yvr issue in parliament. Any accident on Author Laing bridge is not cleared for hours and taxis stuck in traffic. More after other passengers' comments

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Why no Uber or Lyft?

Lineups for taxis- but no taxis.....

Lots full of taxis- but none for patrons......

If you can get a cab, you are often refused a ride because β€œI don’t go there”.....

Why no Uber or Lyft? It might smarten up the rip off taxi companies.

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Can’t you clean?

I’ve been through at least 40 airports, all over the world.

YVR has some of the nicest washrooms, but with the poorest cleaning. I’ve been through here multiple times, and rarely seen anything different. Urinals that haven’t been cleaned under since.... well... who knows when. Paper dispensers empty. Usually more than half. Garbage chutes overflowing. No soap in the fancy automatic dispensers. Unwashed floors.

I just used one that had been cleaned in the last half hour( so the paper says), and EVERY urinal had a dirty floor under it.

Where’s the quality control? Is there a manager actually checking?

Sheesh- can’t this beautiful airport do better?

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It's winter, you need to de-ice aircraft!

Man you kids are dropping the ball!

Who is incharge of this debacle called YVR?

3 hours into a 5 hour flight cause you clowns can't have enough de-icing equipment to service your airport!

My 5 hour flight is now going to be at least a 9 if not a 10 hour flight.

Get your act together and stop this amature hour.

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(no subject)

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Massage Chairs needed in all departure lounges

There are so many people that could benefit from using that easy boy style pay for use massage chairs not everyone has the time or the money to go to the spa was and people would really be able to benefit from this it's a no cost item the chairs pay for themselves if not make you a profit

Please in sure that these chairs are placed in all departure lounge is not just a long distance halls

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Taxi lineup and smoking area

I would like to suggest that YVR move the smoking area which is too close to the taxi line. Currently standing 20 deep (further to the previous comment) and it feels like we are breathing smoke directly from a cigarette. It isn't even windy. This is not acceptable.

Now to the lineup. How is it that there is a lot full of taxis and a lineup with NO cars in sight. This is a pattern that needs correcting.

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The YVR department for controlling taxi cabs coming to pick up travelers at the airport should all be let go!

20 minute wait line! 60 people in line! No taxi cabs!

There are 300 to 400 taxi cabs in a holding area but no one is calling them.

World class airport with no taxi service.

Total BS

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taxi zone maps on cab windows

Cabs should have zone stickers on window. Similar to Mtl or other cities.

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No bar or restaurant

I am presently sitting in the international departures area with a two and a half hour wait for my flight. After quite a stressful morning getting to the airport, checking in and clearing security, my wife said she would like to relax with a glass of wine. A cold beer would have been very welcome to me as well. On searching Departures however, I couldn't find a bar or even a proper restaurant --- just an array of fast food joints that I normally avoid at all costs. On enquiring in a duty free shop I was told that indeed there was nowhere to get a glass of wine other than in the airline lounges. For a major international airport this is really. Not good enough.

John W

Victoria, BC

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@ (no subject)

you must be fun @ parties

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(no subject)

Probably one of the most nicely decorated airports around.

However, do they need to be spending that much money on decorating it?

There is alot of space that could be better utilized with seating. i.e. a water stream?

There is alot of artwork and the aquarium but most of it is in the departure / arrival sections, so unless you are traveling, you can't see it.

It's not like people visit the airport because it's an attraction, most just want to travel !!

I don't have a problem with this so much, in itself, but it comes at a cost to airport users.

A $20 fee airport improvement fee.

I would rather see a reduced / removed fee, and have a more "plain" airport.

I'm not a huge traveller, but have travelled to many countries and I haven't seen any that are as nice, but again,

at a cost which I'd rather not incur.

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all staff in Vancouver

Ma'm pls help my friend. after arrival lost another language in Vancouver.very. important things.

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Ramp Fees

Avoid Landmark (Shell) at all costs, outrageous ramp fee ($80 plus HST) for a C182 and when my passenger needed to go to the terminal, everyone was too busy to take him there in their van, they did phone for a cab though. Use Millionair, they know what service is.

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re: late night flights

I know it can be rough for residents, but in most cases, the airports were there first and the cities have grown out and around them, so the people who buy the houses or sign the leases do so knowing that there's an airport nearby.

Of course, that assumes that real-estate agents are honest β€” I know one couple who bought a house right under the approach to CYYZ 24L, after being assured by their slimy agent that the airport used the runway only for emergencies (I guess the definition of "emergency" is "when the wind is blowing from the southwest"). It was cool for their kids watching the planes passing low over the park playground, though.

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late night flights

YVR's website indicates that international airports are 24 hour operations in Canada. However if you look at Toronto's departure schedule, you will see that traffic generally stops at 1:30am and resumes at 6:00am In Vancouver we have flights leaving up to and including 3 am with only a three hour lull to 6 am. Our airport is smack dab in the heart of our cities. Convenient but not for sleep.

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Runway 26A = taxiway A

According to the Canada Flight Supplement (AIP), runway 26A is actually part of taxiway A, available for VMC day departures only, when runway 26L is active. Apparently, that means smaller aircraft are allowed to take off straight from the taxiway instead of waiting in line for the big runway. There's no corresponding 08A, but if the wind's almost always blowing in off the ocean on a VMC day, it wouldn't be that useful anyway.

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re: SkyTrain Service

Reply to @YHZ: Great news! Now if only Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, etc. could follow suit and link their light rail to their main airports.

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SkyTrain Service

As of August 17 2009, SkyTrain service now connects YVR with downtown Vancouver. Yay!

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Possibly the world's nicest city, and a very efficient airport.

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