Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Great service

Landed at CYWG this afternoon and parked my Cherokee at the Avitat. The first time I looked out the window, they were fueling my plane; the second time I looked, they were washing my windshield, as if it were a 1950s gas station!

Meanwhile, the woman at the desk found me a hotel room (nice hotel, very inexpensive), a taxi, and a list of vegetarian restaurants, and didn't even require my credit card in advance (as most FBOs do).

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Fuel and parking

Prices and fees, based on a phone call 2011-08-24 (fees apply to a single-engine piston such as a Piper Cherokee or Cessna 172):

Phone: (204) 831-7714 / Unicom 123.0 MHz

100LL avgas: $2.06/litre INCLUDING sales tax ($7.81/US gallon). Central Aviation will also match any lower price on the field.

Handling fee: $33 (waived with fuel purchase).

Parking fee: $27/night (first night free with 150 litre fuel purchase or fill-up if less)

The reception desk can book a hotel and arrange ground transportation. A taxi to downtown Winnipeg is approximate $15-18.

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Picked Up My First Airplane Here!

Flew to Winnipeg with Paul Williams to pick up my Cardinal in May 2000. Paid my first fuel bill as an owner at the Shell FBO at CYWG. Had a great time (two inexperienced pilots) flying back to Ottawa via Thunder Bay, Wawa and North Bay.

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