Pilot information for Breighton Airfield

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General information for Breighton Airfield

Airport codes: EG10
Type: local airport(light traffic)
Scheduled airline service: no
Serves: Breighton, United Kingdom
Latitude: 53.802400 | 53 48.143978 N | N53 48 08
Longitude: -0.915964 | 00 54.957819 W | W000 54 57
Field elevation: 163 ft/50 m MSL

Radio communication frequencies for Breighton Airfield

A/G: 129.8 MHz (Breighton Radio)

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Runways at Breighton Airfield

2,788 x 164 ft (850 x 50 m) — other (Grass) — not lighted

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Aviation weather for Breighton Airfield

Current conditions (METAR) for Breighton Airfield

Closest report is RAF Church Fenton, 10.1 nm (18.7 km) W. Retrieved 2013/12/19 08:50:

EGXG 190850Z AUTO 23014KT 9999 NCD 04/M01 Q0996

Forecast (TAF) for Breighton Airfield

Closest forecast is RAF Linton-On-Ouse, 19.0 nm (35.2 km) NW. Retrieved 2011/03/08 18:03:

TAF TAF EGXU 081630Z 0818/0921 26015G25KT 9999 BKN030 
      BECMG 0818/0821 BKN020

Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) for Breighton Airfield

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We have no current NOTAMs for Breighton Airfield. Please check with an official source to confirm.