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Lanseria Airport
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

General pilot information for Lanseria Airport

Airport codes



regional airport

Airline service



Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


-25.938499 | 25 56.309967 S | S25 56 18


27.926100 | 27 55.565987 E | E027 55 33

Field elevation

4,517 ft / 1,377 m MSL

Magnetic variation


Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) for Lanseria Airport

Please confirm all NOTAMs at the original source! These are for information only, and may be wrong, out of date, or incomplete.

A1663/18 NOTAMN Q) FAJA/QWLLW/IV/M/AW/000/999/2602S02753E005 A) FALA B) 1805011330 C) 1805011400 E) OAKFIELD FARM, MULDERSDRIFT (260200S 0275236E): RELEASE OF 200 HELIUM BALLOONS TAKING PLACE. F) GND G) UNL CREATED: 17 Apr 2018 15:35:00 SOURCE: FAJNYNYX

A1657/18 NOTAMR A1352/18 Q) FAJA/QOBCE/IV/M/AE/000/049/2558S02801E001 A) FALA B) 1804170834 C) 1807131000 EST E) STEYN CITY CENTRE, DIEPSLOOT, JOHANNESBURG (255821S 0280044E, 255822S 0280047E): 2X CRANES (155FT AGL) WITH DAY AND NGT MARKINGS ERECTED. CREATED: 17 Apr 2018 08:34:00 SOURCE: FAJNYNYX

A1629/18 NOTAMR A0208/18 Q) FAJA/QFGXX/IV/M/A/000/999/2556S02756E005 A) FALA B) 1804160954 C) 1806161000 EST E) ATC TRG ON SMC 121.65 MHZ TAKING PLACE. CREATED: 16 Apr 2018 09:58:00 SOURCE: FAJNYNYX

A1626/18 NOTAMR A0209/18 Q) FAJA/QSTXX/IV/BO/A/000/999/2556S02756E005 A) FALA B) 1804160924 C) 1807130900 EST E) ATC TRG ON TWR 124.0 MHZ TAKING PLACE. CREATED: 16 Apr 2018 09:28:00 SOURCE: FAJNYNYX

A1486/18 NOTAMR A1287/18 Q) FAJA/QOBCE/IV/M/AE/000/047/2556S02756E001 A) FALA B) 1804060614 C) 1807021400 EST E) CRANE (255602S 0275530E) ERECTED NORTH OF TERMINAL BLDG (37M AGL). CREATED: 06 Apr 2018 06:15:00 SOURCE: FAJNYNYX

A1385/18 NOTAMR A0416/18 Q) FAJA/QOBCE/IV/M/AE/000/049/2558S02800E001 A) FALA B) 1804010804 C) 1804301000 EST E) ALONG R511, RIVERGLEN (255823.63S 0280037.35E , 255827.47S 0280038.35E, 255833S 0280041E): 3 CRANES (200FT AGL) WITH DAY AND NGT MARKINGS ERECTED. CREATED: 01 Apr 2018 08:04:00 SOURCE: FAJNYNYX

A1170/18 NOTAMR A1061/18 Q) FAJA/QSAAS/IV/BO/A/000/999/2556S02756E005 A) FALA B) 1803231257 C) 1804301500 EST E) ATIS 127.65 MHZ U/S. CREATED: 23 Mar 2018 12:59:00 SOURCE: FAJNYNYX

Runways at Lanseria Airport


CLOSED: 10,000 x 75 ft (3,048 x 23 m)

Surface paved, lighted.

Threshold of Runway 06L displaced 453 ft (138 m)


5,775 x 49 ft (1,760 x 15 m)

Surface paved, lighted.

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Radio frequencies for Lanseria Airport


123.7 MHz



121.65 MHz


122.85 MHz



124 MHz

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