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Douala International Airport

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Douala International Airport is the home base for

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Mon, 28 Sep 2015


I small Puppy from them and Man quest 50 and said he had to pay 100 per ticket insurance reserve and the cage and then they said wants to increase 80 because it had reached Oman and want the cage and said it will be tomorrow, you have, but did not reach they said will arrive tomorrow morning, and now did not reach so far Contact Now, they said It will arrive at exactly 02:00, and now I'm waiting if she's will come or not and if will not bring her today I will go to the police and I have pepar for Pay bill , but now they sent an email to the left to get to the puppy the World Health Organization, but I no longer trust them !! Do you think that the left?

He won't me to sign

A 100% fake scammer .... but a prifeasional one he will send you copies of his pakistani passport googled pics of birds his pakistani cnic but will rob you off as above

I have been scammed by around 7,000 us dollars for transporting a Pomeranian dog from Cameroon to Chile. The scammer says he works at the airport of Douala. The data that are sent:

Mr. Elo Stephen

Customer Service

Vevoszolgalat (CARGO)

+237 67586 1356

Wed, 25 Feb 2015

Be careful with this people they use this phone numbers 210-538-1668 , 214-484-0202, 703-975-6115 its a scammer. Charging more money for a vaccine for a puppy to fly and get home.

They did the same to me last week and they been calling because they want more money I said I wont send no more money and they got mad because they said I care about the money more than the puppy. They ask me for 350.00 and then they ask me for one thousand and something because the puppy need a vaccine to fly to keep her warm and relax. They got me once they wont get me twice. So be careful dont thrust this people.

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