Lungi International Airport
Freetown, Northern Province, Sierra Leone

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Crazy extortion

I cant tell which one is worst the ministries, customs, airport : truly infested by greedy , lazy, employees with no 5

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re: West Minister Airport Security Lungi

Test for anonymous comments

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West Minister Airport Security Lungi

I find the $24 charge very wrong, the Security was improving at the Airport last year and was starting to work, Now I have just returned I find this arrogance from the White managers and see the locals going back to the old days, I feel ashamed when I come back to my Sierra Leone.That why we elected the President.

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re: updated photos and images of lungi international airport

Which part of "we rely on Google Maps for our imagery" aren't you understanding?

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re: updated photos and images of lungi international airport

Reply to @david: what about getting uploading new photos of Lungi airport and its enviro?

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re: updated photos and images of lungi international airport

Thanks for your comment. We rely on Google Maps for our satellite imagery, and on FlightStats.com for arrival and departure information, so unfortunately, we're unable to present better information until they make it available.

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updated photos and images of lungi international airport

please update your website for lungi airport with up-to-date information as per flight details and photos. We will appreciate if you could including an upto date schedules of flight arrival and departures so that customer can checkand see vital informations about their flight.

thanks for your efforts


aiah bondowa tondoneh (UK)

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