Dallas Love Field
Dallas, Texas, United States

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Business Jet Center

One of my favorite FBOs to stop at.

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Picking someone up at Love Field in Dallas? GOOD LUCK !

I am not an Anonymous Flyer, I am John Bush

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Picking someone up at Love Field in Dallas? GOOD LUCK !

Worst Airport in the world to pick someone up at.

They have this Circle drive. That they wont let you stop on.

And there is no place to park.

So you can go in to check on the status of the flight you are waiting on.

Unless, you want to pay $17.00 for the parking garage.

Or you can walk about 3/4 of a mile.

From the cell phone parking lot to the terminal.

At DFW you can park for free.

Right across the street from the teriminal you are going to.

And it only cost about $2.00 in toll to go through the airport.

Love Field has a long way to go to be a modern air port.

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TSA screening

I do not see any other place to leave any commentary about the airport experience. This was my first time outside the airport, experiencing Dallas, going through security on the return today (4 pm) we had our fingernail clippers confiscated?!! REALLY...you know you cannot disagree with the TSA agent but that guy was ignorant and stupid and probably had dirty nails...he thought it was a knife...REALLY IGNORANT... and RUDE... and after three screenings and an examination of standard fingernail clippers, he said "we will have this destroyed (melted down)" Expletives not uttered but rolling around my mind these many hours later...we will fly through Dallas and not leave the airport in the future, and buy some new fingernail clippers tomorrow.

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