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Syracuse Hancock International Airport
Syracuse, New York, United States

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Need for expansion

It'd be great if Syracuse went for another expansion with getting a direct flight to Denver. Paranoia of losing my baggage at Buffalo, LaGuardia or JFK (Again) haunt me and it's quite annoying to jump plane to plane. An intercontinental airport in the middle of the state sounds great.

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re: Fees and fuel price

Reply to @david: Rochester briefly flirted with forcing the GA traffic to taxi to the commercial side for customs, but after several "incidents" in the first week, went back to meeting GA on the GA side.

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Fees and fuel price

Fees and fuel price for a piston single (2012-06-17):

No landing fee

Ramp fee $20 (waived with fuel purchase)

Parking $10/night (first night waived with fuel purchase)

100LL: $7.17 (changes daily)

Customs does not meet aircraft at the FBO -- she said it's necessary to taxi to "the commercial side".

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ramp fee

$25 bucks for me to drop off a friend from my C172 seems somewhat excessive. Understand they need to make money and have no issue with that, but attach a value to the service. I was at the ramp for a moment and they had their hand out. Will go out of my way to avoid Exec air again.

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Clear US Customs here going to the USA

Efficient place to clear customs and get fuel (if required) flying South from Ottawa.

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