Ibiza Airport
Ibiza, Baleares, Spain

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Pilot Useful info (last visit: summer 2011)

I've fly to IBIZA airport only 3 times between 2010 and 2011. On my last visit we choose IBIZAR as handler and we park the aircraft, a PA-32 (MTOW 1,3T) for 8 days

total fees around 250€.

Now as I've heard AENA (that is also the aerodrome operator) has raised up to 50% the total costs of the parkings and landing fees, so to park the same aircraft now maybe the total costs will be almost double. On the other hand ES CODOLAR is the only way to reach IBIZA or Formentera island by GA plane.

CAUTION : During summer if your flight is under IFR a departure slot is mandatory!

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We choose IBIZAIR as handler.

3 days in Ibiza, with a Cessna 310i ( 2,3T MTOW).

Airport H Tax: 14€ (+21% VAT)

Handling services: 130€ (+ 21% VAT)

Landing Fees: 69,70€ (no VAT on it)

TOTAL: 243,94€ for 3 days

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Perfect place to stop, stay and refuel

Ibiza is great to fly to. Perfect prices for staying landing and refuelling. All of spain, but Allicante Vallencia and worse of them all LEAB, is very decent with landing fees. around 10 euro's

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