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Sabadell Airport

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Here our expenses for 3 days in Barcelone, with a Cessna 310 (2,3T):


No need if you are parked South of the airport.

Either, 10€ for the car to bring you from your aircraft to the "terminal".

To go to town: 45€ taxi (to down town Barcelone)

28€ if the handling company brings you (if they are available).

Print your flight logs/weather: 8€

Airport fees:

Use of infrastructure (sic !): 2,62€

Landing fees: 6,88€

Air Traffic of Airport (?): 5,07€

Parking fees: 100€ (3x days)

use of infrastuctures PRM assistance (?): 0,61€

Weather services (never use it !): 0,43€

Airport security: 3,78€

EASY place to go in & out, I'll goo again :)

March 2014

So going on a helicopter through spain you need to stop there. Valencia and Alicante you would want to pass because you need an handeling-agent which normally cost like 250 - 360 euro's extra.

Nearby barcelona so perfect to stop refuel and take a coffee.