Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
Metz / Nancy, Lorraine, France

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re: BA128

Reply to @david:

1. Metz Frescaty is LFSF. I'm not sure that it is closed. The air base is closed but I believe there are still flying clubs there.

2. Nancy Essey is not closed. It is fully active with a nice ILS approach: LFSN. Simply there is no more commercial liners.

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re: BA128

Thank you. Here's what the Wikipedia article says about LFJL: "It opened to the public on October 28, 1991 and replaced Nancy-Essey and Metz-Frescaty airports."

I'd love to know the locations of the closed airports - we include those in OurAirports, too, with a red "X" icon.

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Metz/Fresaty is closed.......

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