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Charles de Gaulle International Airport
Paris, Île-de-France, France

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Another complicated airport

Not a great transit airport, not a place you want to be, bad service, lousy shops and restaurants, no resting area.

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(no subject)

Rather biased comments, some apparently posted by ppl who only used CDG once.

And outdated by years...

Who's perfect ? Not even me, alas...

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It is a bit confusing, keep your eyes on your guides

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Taken aback.

One of the most congested airports I have ever been in. Good exercise though, as walking is the only way to really navigate through the maze of people, carts and refuse. Surprised that it was so dirty as the French are usually meticulous regarding their public areas.

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My Feedback

Quite a cool and creative donut design for T1.Biggest and best airport I have been to.

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Possibly the worst airport in the Western World,on a par with Mombassa in Kenya!!!!!!

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visiting ATC tower


my name is Ziv Schwarzbard i'm ATC in Israel.. i'll be in Paris in the 29th of August.

i'de like to visit the tower control

please contact me at

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одноклассники знакомства


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re: NDB CGO 344 kHz deleted

Thank you for the update. It's always sad when an NDB is decommissioned. I've removed it from the database.

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NDB CGO 344 kHz deleted

NDB CGO 344 kHz was deleted Feb 2011

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Paris Charles de Gaulle

Paris Charles de Gaulle (Roissy) is not very practicable. Difficulties to access by the périphérique "highway" crowded traffic (Trucks). Baggage claim zone is a terrible jungle. A positive point is the RER between Paris "Gare du Nord" and Terminals not very cheap but very easy to use and fast. Negative point, sometimes not reliable due to strikes.

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Terminal 1

I dont know what drugs were being used at the time by the architect that imagined that soviet-style concrete monstrosity. Not only is it ugly, but the baggage claim is an embarrassment with people walking on one another. When you think it's the first impression that so many holidaymakers are getting of France...

Other than for the bits that collapse on people underneath, T2 is somewhat more practical.

Well I am from the south of France, and we don't like Paris there, so maybe I have a bias.

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The RER (the commuter light rail system) runs directly into Paris, and you can use the same ticket to transfer to the Paris Metro or another RER line. It's very inexpensive (about 8.10 euros, I think).

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