Cibao International Airport
Santiago, Santiago de los Caballeros Province, Dominican Republic

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Horrible staff

ON the 24th of July my grandma got sick in the airport, since she was so sick she wasnt allowed to board the plane. On the day my family and i experienced horrible treatment from the staff. First of all the staff kept fighting with me saying there wasnt a fourth luggage wit us there was only three. We tried telling them to go to the infirmary to get our tickets from my mom. Not only that but they kept telling us to board the plane and leave my mom and grandma in a foreign country. we kept telling them no and they kept saying why not and we got into an argument. My mom on the other hand was having problems on her own, first of all the doctor didnt have any medicine for diabetes. My grandma blood pressure was at 400, she threw up on the floor and actually fainted. then they left my mom and grandma out in the blazing sun with her unconscious and her blood pressure still at 400. My mom went to the information desk and the lady ignored my mom and started talking to her companion. My mom was their first but the lady didnt care and just ignored her. People who were their was actually helping my mom instead of the lady. My grandma was dying and the lady was doing nothing, a women came up to my mom and told her that she could use her cell phone. No one knew that we were still here in the airport, my family thought that we were in the plane heading to New York City.

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