NC66 weather

Ventosa Plantation Airport
Scotland Neck, North Carolina, United States

Public forecast

Using degrees Fahrenheit for public forecast. Weather courtesy of

METAR (pilot weather report)

Closest report is Tri County Airport, 11.7 nm (21.6 km) NNE. Retrieved 2019/06/20 14:40 UTC (0 seconds ago):

KASJ 201440Z AUTO 25006KT 10SM BKN020 OVC027 27/24 A2972 RMK AO2 T02730244

TAF (pilot weather forecast)

Closest forecast is Pitt Greenville Airport, 30.1 nm (55.8 km) S. Retrieved 2019/06/20 12:42 UTC (2 hours ago):

TAF KPGV 201134Z 2012/2112 22009KT P6SM SCT008 BKN015 TEMPO 2012/2013 BKN008 FM201300 23012G18KT P6SM FEW050 SCT250 FM202000 24015G22KT P6SM VCTS BKN040CB FM202200 23015G25KT 4SM -TSRA SCT025CB BKN050 WS020/28040KT FM210300 22008KT P6SM SCT080 SCT250 AMD LTD TO CLD VIS AND WIND