Taharoa Iron Sands Heliport
Taharoa, Waikato Region, New Zealand

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Before the steel company came.

I was raised as child in Taharoa for a few years before the steel company came, there was no road access to the small village where the small farms were dotted around, where the owners of the land were situated.

Access back then was on a small boat with a seagull engine across the lake known as lake Taharoa.

To get to the small farmhouse, locally known as it is today as the point named after Albatross point the small penninsula which juts out into the sea.

Life back then was so relaxed people were self sufficient, the phones were on the party line system.

I could go on and on. I visit the family and the small homestead when I go back to New zealand, as my fond memories of that place and the elders who have past on have cemented a special place in my heart for what it used to be and what it has become today.

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