Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Anchorage, Alaska, United States

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Walker Pre-Flight.

Was the Best place in the world to learn how to fly and instruct. We lost a lot of pilots in the old days and things have changed a bit, 100LL was $1.15 and I remember complaining to Suburban fuel in Mountain View. Been flying and instructing ever since.

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fall 2007

It is very difficult to work with the Alaska Airlines customer service counter within the secured area. It's understaffed, usually with uninterested employees.

This airport has a nursery on the B concourse. It's a great little private room with two leather couches, a coffee table, a crib (bring your own sheet/blanket), rollercoaster beads, toddler-size chairs, and its own private bathroom. The only downfall is it doesn't have a monitor for arrivals/departures. Oh, and the room kind of stinks.

Departures are routinely delayed. Most aggravating.

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