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(Under construction) New Islamabad International Airport

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500 meters from themain gate and main road of the new islamabad airport, best location for investment and commercial projects. 1kanal for 15 lacs and 10 marla for 8 lacs. Only 100 kanal is left, so contact me if anyone is interested. My contact number 03413782941

Hello EveryOne:

I want to sale my 5 Marla plot in Fatima Town Fateh Jhang New International Airpot AGP Pakistan .. i m selling this plot at very attractiv price so if there anyone interested to purchase this plot .. contact at this number


The new airport is about to be operational by March 2015 but the link road connecting Islamabad has yet to be made. Instead of connecting airport from Kashmir highway & motorway, which is just 4 km away, the corrupt mafia is trying to get approved a new 22 km road from Golra mor- I-14, I -15, etc. at a cost of 22 Billion. Where as the road from M-2 can be constructed with one Billion. Will some one in the high ups look into this matter.

First priority should be to complete the Airport. It has been over 25 years since this new airport was announced. What a shame it is to our government!!! Visit any country in the world and look at their Capital's airport and then think about ours!!!! I don't care what you call it, as long as it is a modern presentable facility comparable to others in the world, we can name it any thing. Let us just complete it P L E A S E.

Shahzad Aslam

Giving city name to airport is correct

My suggestions

Big cities like Karachi Lahore etc Pakistan government make four big airports on four corner of each city

Pakistan have five rivers government of Pakistan must make five public bridges for picnic purpose for peoples and earn tax and reduce tax pressure on Pakistan peoples

Make minimum five Pakistan embassy communication offices in each country in the world that give new jobs to Pakistani peoples and make easy life of all overseas Pakistanis.

Proud to be Pakistani


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