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Clark International Airport

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Clark International Airport is the home base for

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@mitch mkakalusot k lng kpag me kamag anak k dun s pupuntahan mo.kng wla nman at cnbi mo n e atm k ska credit cards.wla clang reason pra d k pyagan.tnx

Hi! I plan to travel sa HK this coming March 4-8 just for a tour para mg unwind lang. First time ko mgtravel. Meron ba dito mgtratravel sa HK ng ganung dates? para meron naman ako makasabay at knkbahan din ako sa mga IO kc first time ko mgtratravel abroad. I'm a freelancer but I'm financially capable of travelling, I have 2 atm's 2 credit cards, 1 checking account, and a dollar account and of course bank certificates. I have my passport,return tickets. Hotel reservation and of course USD pocket money. I don't know kung anu pa hahanapin nila skin sa pgtratravel ko :(

Reply to @rizalazatin: they refuse me to travel to HK though I have enough money.. I got offloaded twice :(

Reply to @rizalazatin: I don't think you'll pass by the IO's. I'm also like you, I'm unemployed but financially stable but the immigration still refus

Reply to @joward: Pareho lng din sa Clark! I have talked to a friend. She also experienced the same interrogation by the IO in Clark. Like you, Im also offloaded twice..

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