Pilot information for Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport

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General information for Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport

Airport codes: CAY SOCA
Type: regional airport
Scheduled airline service: yes
Serves: Cayenne / Rochambeau, Cayenne, French Guiana
Latitude: 4.819810 | 4 49.188595 N | N04 49 11
Longitude: -52.360401 | 52 21.624069 W | W052 21 37
Field elevation: 26 ft/8 m MSL
Magnetic variation: 18.006°W

Radio communication frequencies for Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport

APP: 119.9 MHz
ATIS: 132.2 MHz
TWR: 118.1 MHz

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Runways at Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport

10,486 x 148 ft (3,196 x 45 m) — paved — lighted

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Aviation weather for Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport

Current conditions (METAR) for Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport

Retrieved 2015/08/29 16:30:

SOCA 291630Z AUTO 09010KT 9999 SCT034/// SCT046/// BKN066/// 32/24 Q1013

Forecast (TAF) for Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport

Retrieved 2015/08/29 12:00:

TAF SOCA 291100Z 2912/3012 10006KT 9999 SCT030 PROB30 
      TEMPO 2914/2920 4000 SHRA BKN020TCU 
      BECMG 2921/2923 VRB02KT 
      BECMG 3010/3012 10006KT

Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) for Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport

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NOTAM A0329/14: Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport (SOCA)
A0329/14 NOTAMN
Q) SOOO/QOLAS/IV/M/AE/OOO/999/0449N05221W
A) SOCA B) 1410130001 C) PERM
CREATED: 10 Oct 2014 11:47:00