Pilot information for Kerch Airport

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General information for Kerch Airport

Airport codes: KHC UKFK
Type: local airport(light traffic)
Scheduled airline service: no
Serves: Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine
Latitude: 45.372501 | 45 22.350082 N | N45 22 21
Longitude: 36.401402 | 36 24.084091 E | E036 24 05
Field elevation: 171 ft/52 m MSL

Radio communication frequencies for Kerch Airport

No communications frequencies known for Kerch Airport.

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Runways at Kerch Airport

5,420 x 115 ft (1,652 x 35 m) — paved — not lighted

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Aviation weather for Kerch Airport

Current conditions (METAR) for Kerch Airport

Retrieved 2012/04/05 14:00:

UKFK 051400Z 14004MPS 9999 SCT033 OVC100 11/05 Q1016 NOSIG

Forecast (TAF) for Kerch Airport

Closest forecast is Anapa Vityazevo Airport, 45.8 nm (84.8 km) ESE. Retrieved 2015/10/08 00:24:

TAF TAF URKA 082257Z 0900/0924 05006G12MPS 9999 SCT020CB

Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) for Kerch Airport

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