Pilot information for Khatanga Airport

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General information for Khatanga Airport

Airport codes: HTG UOHH
Type: regional airport
Scheduled airline service: yes
Serves: Khatanga, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
Latitude: 71.978104 | 71 58.686218 N | N71 58 41
Longitude: 102.490997 | 102 29.459839 E | E102 29 27
Field elevation: 95 ft/29 m MSL
Magnetic variation: 5.3°E

Radio communication frequencies for Khatanga Airport

PMSV: 126.6 MHz (METEO)
RDR: 118.1 MHz (KRUG)
TWR: 118.1 MHz

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Runways at Khatanga Airport

8,872 x 158 ft (2,704 x 48 m) — paved — lighted— threshold 24 displaced 656 ft (200 m)

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Aviation weather for Khatanga Airport

Current conditions (METAR) for Khatanga Airport

Retrieved 2013/07/19 07:00:

UOHH 190700Z 26003MPS 9999 FEW033 SCT/// 26/11 Q1020 NOSIG RMK QFE759 24090060

Forecast (TAF) for Khatanga Airport

Retrieved 2013/07/19 06:21:

TAF UOHH 190450Z 1906/2006 26003G08MPS 9999 SCT025 SCT070

Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) for Khatanga Airport

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