Salem Airport
Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

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Salem airport reopen quik

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Salem to chennai chep flight

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I want salem to chennai non stop flight in low price

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Salem Airport Must be Operate soon for salem people...

As people from salem mainly use either Bangalore or chennai or cochin to board flights to travel to abroad especially UAE/Qatar/Saudi/Oman.

And within india like Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Visakhapatnam also using same airport to board flight which are mentioned above.

Already there are many airlines companies are operating daily service from Bangalore/chennai/hyderabad to cochin which are priced as low 1000-2000rs even though seats are not full every time except main holidays.

And same flights/airlines will operate same via salem at least weekly thrice as below mentioned route it's very helpful for salem people and also budget airlines can gain profit.

Proposal route via salem.

1. Cochin to Chennai via Salem.

Chennai to Cochin via salem.

2. Cochin to Bangalore via Salem.

Bangalore to Cochin via salem.

3. Cochin to Hyderabad via salem.

Hyderabad to Kochi via salem.

As of now there are daily 2volvo buss are going to hyderabad and cochin from salem which are fully booked and sometimes can't get ticket too and price are 2000Rs.

If we have above routes as mentioned would be very helpful.


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SALEM Airport: A win-win proposal cochin-salem-chennai and v

As a city,salem has good potential,atleast for weekly thrice flights to mumbai and delhi as people from salem use either banglore,coimbatore and chennai to board flights to these main metros.Daily flight to mumbai via hyderabad would be really a viable option.Also coichin-chennai daily flight of airindia and other private operator could be used as coichin-salem-chennai and vice using coichin-salem-chennai,salem passenger travelling to southeast asian countries could use chennai as boarding point,and also could use cochin as boarding point for travelling to destinationsin middle east countries.

so,10chennai-salem-cochin and cochin-salem-chennai will be a Win-Win model for both salem passenger as well as airline.moreover,RCS scheme of cent govt will encourage too for airline operators to connect salem.

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Salem Airport!!!

Salem is one of the notable city through India. Rather than looking chennai to salem, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa can be oprate in order to get passengers. Its no point of thinking to connect Chennai and Bangalore its just about 5 hrs journey in both bus and Train. So Salem is the hub of exporting of cloths,steels, mangos and etc to Pune, Hyderabad.

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Why only Chennai to Salem and vice versa?

I failed to understand why airline companies like Trujet, Spicejet think of operating only in the Chennai to Salem sector. How can they get good business because this distance can be covered by train and so would people be interested in this service? The Salem Airport would still remains in disuse. Rather it should be Delhi to Salem, via Mumbai or Bangalore. Only then would people think of flying to Salem.

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Please Re-open Salem airport

Salem is one of the major city in India . Please re open airport

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Salem airport

Salem has the capability to become one of the major city in India. And many people are requesting to reopen the Salem airport .it has the potential also. Tamil newspapers like Dinakaran was in the progress to open the airport.. .And I hope that we must have good results.....

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Salem airport

Salem has the capability to become one of the major city in India. And many people are requesting to reopen the Salem airport .it has the potential also. Tamil newspapers like Dinakaran was in the progress to own the airport.. .And I hope that we must have good results.....

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Much Needed

the people in salem were in the need of aiport. coz of development in city and population growth and it is fifth largest city in tamilnadu. Most of all it have steel plant, it is a largest fruit market in tamilnadu, now there comes a salem railway division, salem bus division has the headquaters for namakkal, dharmapuri and krishnagiri and hosur districts. without airport its very difficult for people.

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Salem has more population.without the airport how people can manage. More people are going to Bangalore which is about 250km away from Salem which can take about 5hrs to reach for that we can go to srilanka from Salem by a plane so please try to open the airport by the end of the month. Thank you.

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respected sir

By opening the Salem airport. Salem can attract various people from various departments. So plsssss open the airport.

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Salem's share goes to Trichy, Coimbatore and Bangalore

If you look at last few years, all neighboring airports to Salem are having good increase in passenger traffice and Salem region contributes considerably to their growth. These days it takes longer to reach from Hosur to Bangalore airport than reaching Salem airport due to the traffic. Salem airport has immense potential if any carrier strategically opens its operation here. Also government should provide fuel concession to encourage the operators to consider Salem.

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Request for Salemites... we have

Salem (Tamil nadu, India) is well connected with chennai, bangaluru, trichy, coimbatore & madurai.. By road way as well as by train except trichy and maduri. The all above cities are located at less than 200 as well as more than 140 km. This is the reason behind air connectivity fails... Salem city has more than 11 laks city population. Major industries like steel plants, sago industries, text tiles also one of the most business area around state as well as country. In future IT companies are going to occupy.. So we need flight connectivity for improving our city life style.. As of now we don't want direct connectivity flight to chennai. We need air connectivity. So think about possible way like kochin-chennai as kochin-salem-chennai. Similarly trivandrum-hyderabad as trivandrum-salem-hyderabad. I think this may work out... Because we don't have proper direct trains from salem to other part of state as well as country. But we have lot of train connectivity around our country. This is the fact of our city... Some thing we are looking for change...

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as it said salem has 1.1 million population and it has new railway division and steel plant and largest fruit market in tamilnadu. if it opens many people will be using it.

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salem is developing city which needs a airport . it having population 10 lakhs in city limit it will be really useful

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Reopen Salem Airport

Salem is all set expand its boundary and going to be 1.1 million population within the city limits. The metro population is around 1.3m. This is the time to reopen the Salem airport

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Salem has power station,power grid,steel plant,burn&co,malco etc...its a very big city..then y there is no airlines facility..plz operate for at least weekend

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Reopen the Airline service

Salem is one of the most developing district like coimbatore and trichy.Salem has everything except air services.So please reatart the sevice again.

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open airport

Please open airport at salem

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Lets hope.....

If there is a development in IT, the airport will be surely reopened....... lets hope salem will make it asap......

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re: Open the airport

please open the airport

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Provide VAT concession on ATF to develop Salem Airport, Tami

Airports Authority of India has constructed Salem airport suitable for operation of narrow body aircrafts like Boeing 737/Airbus 320. King fisher was operating 72 seater ATR aircrafts till august2011. Other Airlines have not commenced scheduled operations from Salem airport on economic considerations.

VAT on ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) is 5% for small aircrafts as against 29% for other aircrafts in

Tamilnadu (Copy-of Notification enclosed). This concession is granted to encourage air connectivity to small airports. In spite of this concession Salem airport has not achieved the desired air connectivity due to various reasons. One of the main reasons is that the destination requirement is Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur etc., Small ATR aircraft could take the passengers up to Chennai only and the passengers needed to change plane at Chennai. This discouraged passengers and they instead chose to move by road to Bangalore. Hence it is appropriate that the concession on VAT on ATF may be extended to other narrow body aircrafts as well for Salem airport so that airlines like GoAir, Indigo with large number of A320 aircrafts will find Salem airport attractive.

The concession given at present is aircraft specific, but to encourage regional connectivity, it is appropriate that airport specific concessions are also given so that the small Tier III airports like Salem become attractive. Similar concession has also been given by many state governments for e.g Raipur airport (Chhattisgarh), Amritsar, Maharashtra (other than Mumbai and Pune}, Shillong [Meghalava}, etc., It is seen that all } hence airports have gained increase in air traffic many fold. An extract of a report on the multiple benefits of such concession on Raipur airport is enclosed. Also Landed which is a very small town in Maharashtra has gained air connectivity to many destinations like Mumbai, Delhi, Aurangabad etc., only because of the concession on VAT on ATF by the Govt. Of Maha rashtra.

Salem airport has a potential to contribute to the economic and social development of the surrounding areas including Salem, Namakkal, Darmapuri, Krishnagiri Erode districts. The following examples are submitted

Salem being very close to Bangalore is capable of attracting investment in the field of BPO, KPO and other IT oriented activities. Salem and surrounding areas like Namakkal and Erode have emerged as educational hub of Tamilnadu with large number of reputed Schools, Colleges etc., It is seen that these Institutions are able to attract many students from even Chennai and other major cities in view of their discipline and the success rate. Also the colleges in the region have good reputation that they attract students even from foreign countries. These institutions have created awareness among the people and encouraged them to send their children for higher education. IT is one of the main field that can provide employment to large number of educated youth particularly girls. Conservative society in Salem and surrounding areas are shying away from sending their wards Particularly girls for jobs to other places like Bangalore and Chennai etc.,.

Development of air connectivity is the most important prerequisite for the development of IT industry which can provide huge employment to educated youth particularly Girls. Salem with high quality educated and cheap manpower and availability of low cost infrastructure like Land and building is already attracting IT investment in Salem. Concession on VAT on ATF will bring air connectivity to Salem and open the gates for the development of IT industry and Salem can become a viable alternative to Bangalore. Many air passengers were mentioning that time taken to reach Electronic City, Bangalore from Salem airport is same as the time taken from Bangalore airport due to heavy traffic congestions within Bangalore city.

Another important benefit of the concession would be the possibility of cargo movement from Salem airport. The farmers of the region produce Vegetables/ Flowers/Fruits (Mangos) etc., which have huge demand in metro cities and also for export. It is seen that the Jasmine and other flowers from the region are being transported by air from Bangalore airport for movement to Delhi, Mumbai and further for Export. Many trucks moving with huge quantities of flowers from Salem to Bangalore crossing the Salem airport stands testimony to this. Air connectivity with Narrow body aircrafts would allow cargo movement to metros and 'further export paving way for better price for the Farmers.

In addition to the above, the industrialists of the region have mentioned that the Salem city has lost many investment opportunities due to lack of air connectivity in spite of many advantages like cheap and skilled labour etc.,

Government of Tamilnadu in its Vision 2023 document has envisaged development of airports in Tamilnadu. Concession on VAT on ATF will revive the Salem airport immediately and contribute to the development objectives of Vision 2023 to make Tamilnadu numero uno State in India.

This single step of Concession on VAT on ATF for Salem airport would be a boon for the people of the region and wipe a curse that the fifth large city of Tamilnadu is without air connectivity.

In view of the above, it is requested that Concession/Exemption on VAT on ATF for Salem airport is granted on priority to enable regular scheduled operations to Salem airport and to benefit the

People in the region.

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operate salem airport

Please start a airlines to salem

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Open the airport

I request u to fulfil the need of more than 9 lakh peoples and their

Neighboring town, villages people to use the air service plssssss help us

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Dear,I am working in gulf.pls reopen atlest weekly 2 times

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Pls try to operate flights atleast in weekend

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Respected sir

can you just imagine, a city which have more than 9lacks people are living there & no airport . do any one know the city name "SALEM"

it is 5th biggest city our state(TN), So i request the AAI to restart the air service.

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