Ngurah Rai (Bali) International Airport
Denpasar-Bali Island, Bali, Indonesia

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Spotting solution

if you want to do some planespotting i suggest you first go to the fish market the walk up the beach until you reach the fence don't worry about security lots of people go there just get you camera and poke it through the lens problem solved.

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re: Spotting in Bali

Reply to @ktbedy:

Hard to believe, even local pilots are not allowed to take pictures around the airport. They say you have to get legal permission from the Airports office which is quite complicated. Near the south of Bali's VOR-DME should've been a great spotting area. Good Luck !

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Spotting in Bali

This airport is not welcome for aviation enthusiast as spotter. Once your approach the fence for take a picture your favorite aircraft the aviation securities will warn you. Is it because of TSA?

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Friendly people

The security guards before we got to check in taxed some cigarettes off my friend who had quite a few packets left. Pretty funny, but they were really friendly, so what do you do?

Maccas outside was much more affordable than any food options on the airside, and all the shopping prices are quite inflated compared to on the street.

We got stuck with a flight delay here, so ended up going back to Kuta beach for a couple of hours before returning for the flight. It's close by and cheap to get to.

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The runway gets extremely slippery when wet, due to years of buildup of rubber deposits.

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