Ingelara Airport
Rewan, Queensland, Australia

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(no subject)

How's the safety of a parked a/c at the strip for a few days reference cattle getting curious?

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Ingelara airstrip

Today June 5 2017 I took off from Ingelara airstrip. I know I have written here before but I have to say a very big thank you to Stuart and Cheree Ogg who are wonderful people in allowing us aviators the opportunity to fly to Carnarvon Gorge, without their generosity it would not be possible to do so. The airstrip is in terrific condition ideal for my C182. There is a windsock and the elevation is 1100 feet.I believe they should charge a landing fee but what ever they get is given to the RFDS. I think a minimum of $50 is appropriate. Please remember Rewan is now closed and on any case Ingelara is far superior in my opinion and I have been flying for 57 years. Thank you Stuart and Cheree. Peter Pigott

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Ingelara details

To The owners.

Can you please tell us the airfield height and whether you have circuit procedures etc? Also, another poster mentioned landing fees. Can you please tell us how much they are (as of April 2017)? We hope to be flying in around the 1-2 May 2017 in company with some other airplanes, mostly ultralights.

Looking forward to seeing you out there and your beautiful part of the country.

S&C Hendry

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I used this air strip many times and found it excellent for my C182 and the family that own it wonderful people and they donate the landing fee to the Royal flying doctor service and I believe they should be thanked for making it available. I always took my portable electric fence with me to keep the cattle away should they be on the strip after landing.i am going back there shortly and I will report further. Peter Pigott VH UPT

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the owner's daughter.......

hey people it the owner's daughter just leaving a kinda note thingo.... anyway i just thought i'd let you that our airstrip is only a k and a half long or so and my grandad made it with guess and explode technique of dinamite sooo its a wee bit rough in patches and if you could contact us if ur planing on using it that would be g8 as cattle are often on it.... thxs cya's ;)

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