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Sydney Bankstown Airport
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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re: Story about midair collision

Reply to @david:

I completed my CPL and ME-IFR out of Bankstown. I then logged over 1000 hours teaching VFR students. The essence is to look outside the cockpit when approaching any airport and particularly an inbound reporting point such as 2RN (radio mast) or Prospect Reservoir at a busy GA training centre. With so much available as pilot aids, GPS and Traffic Warnings, it is too easy to be distracted by what's displayed INSIDE the cockpit while the actual danger is OUTSIDE. Under VFR, the PIC is responsible for separation. 2RN is difficult to see in some conditions but the instructors (one is each plane) know the cues for finding it and need to explain that to the students, all while looking outside the cockpit!

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Where else to go and practice/learn how to fly???

I am a student pilot as well - learning helicopters. Now I suppose we could have an airport in the middle of nowhere, but how do you get there?? Bankstown isn't close (I live near the City), but certainly closer than Camden. I mean, this is Australia and we fly here. So... where else to go???

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Story about midair collision

This is a bit sensationalist, but it suggests that the VFR routes into Bankstown are too restricted for the safe flow of traffic:,28124,24821548-23349,00.html

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Too many sausage factory air schools here

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where I have done my first solo flight

I am a student pilot at Schofields Flying Club based there

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Where my plane is hangared.


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