Snake Bay Airport
Northern Territory, Australia

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Too many snakes

When i landed my Boeing 747-8i at this airport, My 4x GEnx-2B67 engines suddenly turned into snake blenders. At %50 thrust they were sucking up all the snakes on the runway. Disfigured snake bodies went flying out the back of my engines and shot through the window of a Cessna 172, Killing the pilot. Luckily i fed his body to the snakes and no one found that he was missing. I then took of and flew past the tower while blasting Danger Zone over the ATC Frequencies. On my way back i was intercepted by 5 F/A-18Fs but i got rid of them easily with some of my AIM-9 sidewinders mounted under my 747s wings. I proceeded to fly to Sydeny Intl Where i stole a Tug and put it in my cargo bay. I was surprised when i had 40 Police officers shooting at me but i just killed them by strangling them with the snakes that survived in my 747 engines. I rate this airport a 10/10

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Watch out for the snakes!

Upon landing my plane was immediately surrounded by a variety of colourful, but presumably deadly, snakes. I immediately took off again and have been having nightmares ever sinnce - 2/10.

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