Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing, Beijing Municipality, China

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Airport Terminals

Terminal 3 is a joy to travel through. Ultra ultra clean (even the loos are amazingly good) and the immigration staff are politre and friendly. T2 is desperately showing its age, however, and isn't a patch on its newer brother, albeit that it isn't that bad when compared with many other airports. T1 has been modernised, but is only used for a few internal flights. The Airport Express, however, closes before midnight which is pretty useless for an airport that has so many flights arriving in the early hours. And the taxi drivers are adept at ripping off passengers and cheating them as much as they can. No taxi drivers speak any english and a favourite trick of theirs is to pretend the taxi meter isn't working and then to charge through the nose. A typical fare from airport to downtown should be in the order of 80-100 yuan!

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more 7 hour flight delays

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re: Map to be changed

When Google updates its maps and satellite imagery, the new terminal will show up.

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re: Map to be changed

Reply to @Inducedrag: I see three runways on that map. Why do you think it needs to be changed?

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Map to be changed

It has 3 operational runways the map requires to be changed

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RUNWAY 18R---110.30---179ยบ

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New terminal for Olympics

Terminal 3 at PEK will open on a trial basis on 29 February 2008, then go into full operations in late March. The terminal will include 64 restaurants and 84 retail shops, together with a high-speed commuter train connecting to the city:

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