Comment ""The worst" airport in Dom Rep - Servicewise for General Av" on Samaná El Catey International Airport, Dominican Republic

- upon arrival w my CanReg private plane : twelve 12 -I counted- employes surrounding a plane ( Customs,Narco,National police, Turist police, CESA ( local TSA ), "AVIAM Ltd - Rampies " some of them w clip boards" ) like a zombies surprised w " new " arrival ....No smiles or welcome to DR. IT'S NORMAL - DO NOT BE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THAT ! ( I noticed small progress )..On "C" gate every visit of Your plane 1 hr ...local security no power and callin' boss..than boss of the boss DEPARTURE:self called IDAC(local FAA)inspector show up that my FPL needs " corrections" in his office ($?) and when I told him that Miami confirmed my FPL w copy in my hands , the guy "folded tail" and despaired ....New "clip boarders" asking for unpayed? Invoices"FACTURITA $ 20.-" hidenly.nocking on side window even w running engines... ATC = OK got a taxi clearance .....If You pass this experience 3-4 times You are ready to wear Caribbean pilot palm shirt and enjoy aviator life !!!

- As a passenger flight WEST JET Feb 2012 ....I checked 2 empty baggages and got a stickers on my boarding pass ( by local WJ attendant). For second one need to pay extra $20.- and didn't have a cash ( my biggest mistake) ,offered Visa ..even to cashed money in local free shop ...NO...been sent for extra personal check / customs/police intentionally obviosly to lose the flight, after plane was gone everything was ok with smile..what a PERFECT COORDINATION. ..Nex day I took a flight from Porto Plata - Toronto and pick up my baggage ...w explanation of local WEST JET agent that computer showing " passenger didn't show up on time..." Sad,sad so sad.. But optimism is the key for this airport- final answer ! DOOLAY

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