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Sun, 04 Aug 2013
Jandakot is a Busy Airport
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Statistically, this is Australia's busiest airport and it is primarily a VFR airport.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service has a base there and Singapore Airlines have some Learjets there for training but apart from that, the majority of aircraft operaing in and out of Jandakot are Cessna 152 / 172, Piper Warriors and the like.

Most of the traffic is pilot training, from ab-initio to twin IFR.

Many of the trainee pilots are foreign (China Southern has a flying school there) and their levels of English pronunciation and comprehension can vary significantly.

Air Traffic Control is generally very good but there is one miserable, rude, grumpy Tower Controller who is a disgrace to his profession. He is rude, bullying and tries very hard to intimidate pilots - especially the new ones. Fortunately, very senior management in Airservices Australia are aware of him and are monitoring his situation.

The bottom line with Jandakot is that it is a 'see and be seen' airport and you must keep your wits about you.

Make sure you read and understand the local procedures before you operate there.

Perth is a beautiful city and flying there is delightful. Jandakot is also a great airport, but like everything in aviation, it is unforgiving of inadequacy or un-preparedness.


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