Comment "Airport closed - full time landfill site" on Greenbank Airport, Canada

This fill activity, and others undertaken locally by the same operators under similar circumstances, has been -by several nautical miles!- the largest single provocation and instigator of changes to the way TC oversees the construction or expansion of aerodromes in I had to go see.

There are a couple of old airplanes onsite along with the remaining threads of a windsock blowing in the wind.

The fuel pumps are still there, but not functional and in terrible disrepair. The pilot lounge no longer exists.

Airport is listed in CFS as ARCAL-X, but assuming it has not worked in years since almost every single runway marker light is smashed and runway looks very unused and unmaintained - other runways (06/24) removed and filled in.

Access to property is limited to large construction vehicles only which I understand from a driver/hardhat I spoke to amounts to approximately 400 a day....every day...rain or shine.

Unfortunately it looks like an ambitious and promising airport expansion may be the 'bait and switch' some people have predicted.

My comment about Greenbank Airport

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