Comment "Power-tripping at its finest!!!" on Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippines

Just want to share my experience this morning, I am a former OFW, currently unemployed and was supposed to go to Bangkok as a tourist, was very excited 'cause it's going to be my first time there, but unfortunately I was offloaded, IO officer won't allow me to board the plane, had to ask many questions (repeatedly) and made me feel scared and frightened that I wasn't able to answer their questions confidently. I mean, they should know how being in that situation would make passengers like me feel and yet they went on asking questions as if I am being accused of committing a crime. The ordeal was both traumatic and humiliating that I am not sure if i would ever want to go abroad again next time. I just want to enjoy muself after working as an OFW and treat myself and that's how it ended, I know they would be very strict so I had with me all my papers, round-trip ticket, itineraries, hotel reservations and all. I even have with me some cash, credit cards... and the IO still didn't allow me and before I had the chance to explain myself he had stamped my boarding pass with 'for immigration compliance'. I still can't get over it and I am not sure if I ever will. It's every travelers' worst nightnare and I don't wish it upon anyone, not even to that f*****g IO. I now so believe that Manila International Airport is the worst airport in the world, been to Immigration of UAE, Vietnam, Cambodia, Armenia, Georgia and Hong Kong and never have I experience such power-tripping!

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