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Fri, 04 Aug 2017
Entry Without VISA
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Some countries permit certain nationalities to enter without an advance visa, but other conditions may apply for entry and the stay. For example, all nationalities in the European Union can generally freely travel from one country to another with almost no restrictions. Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (or ASEAN) allow visa-free access to each other for business and tourism purposes. The United States allows certain nationals to enter under the Visa Waiver Program for tourism and business only, provided they fill out an online application prior to their arrival. Australia and Canada also have a similar system, in which certain nationals may apply online for an electronic visa without having to make a trip to the embassy.

Some countries still do not require transit visas for transits of certain lengths, such as Saudi Arabia (in airport, 18 hours), China, and the United Kingdom (only applies to certain visa required nationals).

If your destination allows others of your nationality in without a visa, don't automatically assume that you won't need one, especially if you are planning to stay for extended periods (i.e. to work, study or immigrate either temporarily or permanently). In fact, it's a good idea to inquire if you're traveling for any reason other than being a typical "tourist". This includes getting married, speaking to an audience or congregation (even if unpaid), journalism, research, professional photography, etc. Check to make certain of your status before entry. In some cases you may in fact need a visa, in others you may simply need to bring more documentation to the border. For example, Canada requires all non-visa nationals (apart from US Citizens living in a handful of border communities and who hold a special NEXUS expedited border clearance card) to present a letter of invitation if they're seeking entry for any reason outside the scope of traditional tourism - including visiting family or friends. Also, you may need a special visa if you visit remote areas where indigenous people live who are not part of the mainstream society (e.g. parts of the Amazon Basin, remote areas of Africa, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands off the coast of India, etc.)

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