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Fri, 05 Jan 2018
ring for wealth
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HOW TO BECOME RICH OVERNIGHT WITH A POWERFUL SPIRITUAL MAGIC RING OF PROSPERITY. Hello people, greetings to you all that have come across this piece of testimony on how a mighty powerful spiritualist I Asaw online put an end to my long financial suffering. I want to use this medium to dedicate this piece of my testimony to doctor Edmond Jerry canon. I also want to let theaaa world know that someone like you is still in existence. Why Aare we sharing blood and doing all manners of aweful things to our families, friends and others all ina the name of finding riches, fame, connection, protection and long life by sharing blood and endangering the life of our generations? when a powerful man is over there who can give all these in abundance without asking fora blood. My profound joy can't bea over emphasized. I am by name Zealot who reside somewhere in Miami. I have a lovely wife and four kids. Who has been with my mother for the past three years for my inability of caring for them due to lack of money. I have been a labourer since I was sacked from office, the little I earn from labourer I settle one or two of my kidsa school fees. Lately this year an issue came up with my wife and mother concerning shortage of money save by my mom in taking care of my family. My mother drovea my family from her home and they left wandering and roaming about the street for a daily bread. This period I was far away from them to make money. I met an old school friend who promised to help get out of poverty I was greatful to him and stayed with him for days before he finally led me to his other friends who told me about the society they belong to.I wasaa introduced to their grandmaster Lucifer. After several processes on my day of initiation, I was told to present the womb of my wife for exchange of power, wealth anda fame. I rejected it and lament that they should take my life instead because life was meaningless to me with all that poverty. Yet they still insist that I present my wife for rituals for I have taken an oath with them. I came home derade. I asked the earth and heaven to swallow me but there was no response. Ataa this point I went to a lagoon to end it all. I was to jumped inside from a high bridge. Upon closing my eyes to jump, behold I saw a mighty man behind me, dark and wealthy. Ia was asked why I wanted to end my life. I narrated to him all my stories. He was touched and promised to give me some money to restart my life. Later that morning he walked to the guest room where I was resting and told me if I wanted to be rich forever without me working or struggling to make the money, my response was "yes sir"He showed me the picture of a man know as this doctor Edmond Jerry. Who he met online that have helped him one time with a spiritual magic ring of prosperity. That made him what he is today. Immediately he put a call true and the number was not active, we again reached him online to God be the glory he responded and we were told that he has left Miami to south African. We reached his south African contact another of his agent told us that he has left for Nigeria which was his home country. We cant wait till he comes back, we decided to get his personal Nigeria office telephone line. After trying several time he finally responded and the man who took me to his house, helped requested for the same spiritual ring of wealth. He promised to help, and gave us some procedures in getting the ring. We pay him in essence with the help of my friend. Five days later my ring was delivered to me through his agent over here. I followed all instructions attached to the ring and also learn how to use the languages in commanding wealth through the magic ring. The first day I commanded wealth it was like a dream that will never come to pass, I asked myself am I for real or am am dreaming? I later realized that it was real. To highlight it all, after one month i went to my home town like a king looking for my wife and kids. I finally met with them. My wife on sighting me inside my flashing car he fell downaa and fainted. Because we have already concluded that we are gonna die in this hardship that nothing good will never come out of us. Now I owned one of the biggest motorcycle company here in Miami. And also one of thea greatest share holder in worldaa bank. I did all this with just a ring without using or sharing any humans blood. I can't still believe that this is real. From that day of my transformation I also vowed to help the needy as someone did to me. If not for that my saviour where would I have be? Please my brothers and sisters I decided toa do this online because there are many of us who are going through hell right now and you searched from north to south, east to west nothing is coming out, some of youa are also been duped due to this same struggling. Hear this oh you reading this, this is not a movie. It is real. Please contact my unforgettable powerful spiritual doctor who heals my wound of poverty. On these contacts:Email ( Cell phone or

WhatsApp contact:+2349068355820,+13135096661.with any of these lines you can reach him. Whatever problem you are facing spiritually and physically he has the power to put an end to it. Please help share this good news now until somebody is out of that poverty and life problems. Thanks reader for your time.

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