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Last year i needed a loan and a client who had come to get some services from my boss was discussing how he got an online loan funds at an affordable interest rate of 2% percent , hearing that you can get loans online at such a cheaper rate , made me get interested and i didn't even bother to ask him the company he had gotten the loan from , SHIT , i went online and got what i found , scammers , they scammed me the little $3000 USD i had gathered and also sweet talked me to borrow from friends and this made it a total of $8000 USD , it was a devastating experience and i was going crazy because i eventually realised that all my efforts was a waste as i had just been scam,med .

I told my boss my experience and asked to get the contact of the client who had come to see her so i could get to ask the name of the company that assisted him and she gave me and i contacted the client and told him my experience and he advised that he got his loan funds from the WINONA MILLARAY INTERNATIONAL LOAN FOUNDATION that also has a branch in one of the states in the United state , Australia and several other branches in the global world and he advice that i should contact them without fear , i did contact them and funny enough i was told not to pay nothing because i meant up with the entire requirement and magically , i got my loan funds alert exactly after 48 hours of my application and behold it was $100,000.000 USD that i got .

My simple advice is that this is a time whereby scammers from Africa are desperate , especially in this economy meltdown period and we all the people of America should be careful of those we deal with so that we dont become victims like i was before the WINONA MILLARAY INT'L LOAN AGENCY CHANGED MY Life .

You can reach them on the following email address : ,

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