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Hello brothers of the light, all thank to mr williams paul who help me to be a member of the great brotherhood. Before i became a member of the brotherhood, there was nothing to write home about me, i was having problem from all corners of life, to feed was a great problem for me and my family all hope was lost and sometimes i feel like killing my self because i see no need of me living in the earth anymore, sometimes i think i was created to be poor in life, i all most give up in life till one faithful day God send Mr Scott Paul into my life to bless me, Mr Scott Paul told me about the brotherhood, and he told me i don't need to pay any money since i'm from the United states, so i decided to give it a try and he introduce me to my Initiator God Father (IGF), who took me through the brotherhood initiation process, and now i'm proud to say i'm a full member of the brotherhood, you can also be a member of the brotherhood, all you need to do is to contact via email; or you can also call us if you are in the united states +1 (407) 268-1935, and all your problems will be solved with the help of the brotherhood, hope to see you very soon brothers, thank you.

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