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Wed, 18 Apr 2018
Commercial flights.
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I believe that to start commercial flights, even smaller regional ones, the runway should be a little longer (20-30%) as a safety margin. Also the customers should be available in sufficient quantity, which I believe is not a problem anymore as Saharsa is a transport hub for nearby places as well and Indian economy is now strong enough at that place. Still, it is up to corrupt politicians, government officials, bureaucrats and contractors to give up their selfish profits and start building the country piece by piece. The #PMO and central government are not gonna care cause they have bigger problems to worry about. The best the people can do is improve that airstrip/airport on their own- Rs 100 X 10LAKH families = Rs 10 CRORE for runway improvement! Sorry for the harsh comment but it is the truth.

- Bhawesh Kumar Singh

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