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Tue, 11 Sep 2018
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I have always had problems when it comes to bearing of children but God made a way for i and my husband i took in and i had a son which was the only child we had but due to the carelessness of my husband we lost our only son and my husband swore never to leave me for another woman but he broke the promise cause i noticed a particular number calls him exactly at 12 AM by then i would be at sleep. once that number calls, my husband would go to the next room to pick the call this kept on going on so i carried my husband phone to unlock it in-other to read all his messages but i saw he had a pass code then i went in search of a hacker then i contacted told him what i needed(to hack my husband phone) this hacker hacked my husband phone and brought me his whats-app messages, text messages, call logs, viber, deleted text messages thou i found a lot but i saw all under his deleted text messages and deleted calls, it was done on me that my husband that swore never to leave me have been plotting plans with the new woman to leave without letting me know.

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