Comment "It's not as bad as you think" on OR Tambo International Airport, South Africa

I fly in and out of South Africa about six times a year, usually to Nairobi or Dar es Salaam. Anyone who thinks OR Tambo is a dirty airport, full of rude staff has obviously never been north of the Limpopo to airports like Dar es Salaam, Addis, or Nairobi. I find the customs staff at best, friendly, and (mostly) at worst, disinterested. If you want rude, combative and vulgar customs staff try arriving in America in Atlanta or Miami.

If you've ever travelled by air in the rest of Africa you'll realise OR Tambo is relatively slick, organised and miles, miles better than Dar es Salaam or Nairobi airport. I for one feel happy and proud wherever I return to OR Tambo.

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