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Tue, 16 Jun 2009
Ride with Ed in 1954 (Tri_Pacer)
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I'll keep it short, me and friend Garry Flipped a coin for the right seat on a ride, garry won and as we were flying gracious Ed asked if he knew something about flying, He said yes and Ed said take over and Garry gripped the control wheel then Ed asked for a turn and Garry quickly performed a split-S (which would have made an SBD pilot envious) and had me viewing the Totowa Drive-In parking lot thru the windscreen. Ed calmly cut the throttle and very gently recovered to straight and level. Cigar smoking Ed never lost it and just verbally said thats not how you do it.

Just a little 50s aviation trivia involving some past events. Garry went on to get his license many years later, and a 172.

Rich S.

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