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Sun, 09 Dec 2018
KORL is awesome!
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I've been coming to KORL for the EAA Chapter 74 meetings and events hosted there ever since I was 10 (when Showalter owned the FBO), and I started my flight training there in late 2016. Things have changed since my first visit: the FBO is now owned by Atlantic, but the service is still as great as ever. There seem to be more jet activity too, which can be a little overwhelming. However, the ATC controllers are super nice and will even tell you a little about the local area when they're not busy. If you fly drones and live in the nearby residential area, PLEASE FOLLOW THE FAA REGS! There are a lot of nervous student pilots out there, and there's a pretty good chance that not everyone will see you. On a more personal note, when you park on the FBO ramp and walk in through the automatic doors, you may see a tall chair with a little plaque on it. That is a sort of memorial for my first flight instructor, John Nadon. He was a fixture at the airport until he died of cancer (when he got me to the pre solo level of my training). If you remember John, do check that out. I could say a lot more nice things about KORL, but you really have to go there yourself to experience the friendly atmosphere!

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