Comment "State Campground beside this airport, but no facilities" on Sullivan Lake State Airport, United States

State campground on both sides and a road passes close by. Not as quiet as it looks; you can camp on the field but there are walking trails crisscrossing the runway between the campgrounds and a steady stream of mountain bikers cross the runway. Despite being a state campground, there are no facilities, no restaurants, no stores close by.

When I was there in Aug 2009, there was a Forest Service firefighting team with two helicopters and a fuel truck operating from the airstrip. Approach from the South, along the lake. Runway rises to the North, then ends abruptly. There was a Warrior in the overrun with wiped landing gear, he floated and touched down late, ground-looping just before the steep drop-off at the North end.

My comment about Sullivan Lake State Airport

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