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I've got my wings at CYTZ, so am sort of insider here... :-) Let me share some hopefully useful information:

- There are two flight schools at the aeroport, Island Air and Canadian Flyers, with certain rivalry between them. Don't tell one of them that you've talked to the other;

- Flight training out of CYTZ is challenging, with lots of traffic and radio work. C150 and C172 have to be "plugged in" between the Porter Dash-8, medevac choppers and sneaky PC-12. And if you think those are fast, look if you can catch up with a Piaggio Avanti!

- ATC is 50/50 affair. Sometimes those guys are super-friendly and useful, other times it is hard to describe their attitude without using the expletives. Like a lottery. Also, they tend to do some training in the tower, and when a student pilot meets a student controller, things go fun quickly;

- Runway 33 is legally usable (except for NOTAMs), but in reality it's one-way - especially now when Concord built a pack of highrise condos right in front of it. I am curious what will their residents think seeing a plane taking off straight to their balcony...

- Gibraltar Point NDB is sort of weird, I personally treat it as a thing of historic interest, not an actual navaid;

- ILS approach for 26 is good for Guinnes record - very steep! Unless you are flying the Dash-8, you'll probably won't be able to enjoy the "right" papi lights;

- Noise sensitive areas - houses on the island. Crash sensitive areas - downtown towers, including CN one, and the hearnstacks on the East;

- If there was a Porter landed or took off right in front of you and the winds are blowing in the right direction, you can ask for runway 24 instead of 26 instead of overshooting. If approaching from the West, things get even better, as you'd be right in front of the apron after landing on the 06, leaving the busy 08 for Porters;

- If you have a crappy radio, prepare for a blast of radio-roar on the base and crosswind - CN tower is really powerful;

- Druxie's stuff is not eatable. Or at least not recommended. If you have any time, jump on the ferry and cross the channel. There will be a free Porter bus (you may act as a client, as the airport is pretty much a Porter property anyway! :-) next to the terminal - jump in it and go Downtown. Plenty of excellent restaurants and other fun stuff there;

- Everything about CYTZ is expensive. Eve-ry-thing.

Hope that helps! :-)

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