Comment "Best Grass Roots Airport in GTA" on Greenbank Airport, Canada

I hereby award Greenbank a Best Grass Roots Airport in GTA diploma. :-)

Seriously, this is a great little airport. Two grass runways, both sloped, marked with flags and very well cared of. There is a "secret" flying school there, using a 172, and a 24/7 gas pumps for the local grasshoppers community. No worries if you'll see the birds on the runway - they know this whole GA thing and will let you land or take off without any problems.

Nice and clean FBO, very scenic surroundings (especially in the Autumn), great place to fly in with friends. Such a pity that accident happened to the original airport owner, but an excellent conditions of the airport afterwards are a testament to the great job done.

If ever in doubt which grass strip to fly to East of Toronto, go Greenbank!

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