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Thu, 18 Oct 2007
re: Flyboys Cafe
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We flew in for Flyboys Oktoberfest last Saturday (October 13th). It was great. They had their local bratwurst, german potato salad, pickled beets, and to top it off, they had Black Forrest cake. It was one great meal, and along with that, they had some great beers, that you normally wouldnt' find in the chain restaurants. They were quite busy, as it was guard drill weekend, but the staff kept up with the crowd. I must add, I had a couple of conversations with some of the Air National guard men and women, and let me tell you, it makes us sleep better at night to know how proud these men and women are of their unit, and their country. So, stop in, and show your apprciation to the men and women in uniform, and buy them a beer, and say thanks. We did and will do it again!

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