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Looking at the arrivals schedule I noticed that the air place I was looking for had been cancelled. No reason. Just cancelled. Phoned airport and it was hog wash. If you guys cant be accurate and get the correct information dont have the web site!

Dear Anonymous flyer;

We are sorry that the information you were seeking was not as accurate as you desired. We will strive harder in the future to ensure your experience here is a delightful one. We are sorry that we could not meet your needs, even though washing your hog is not something we normally offer. Perhaps next time you require such as service, you will use a search website to find the proper service providers and not a website that has nothing to do with swine cleaning. Also, you might want to look at the entire page you were complaining about and notice at the bottom this sentence: "Flight information is provided by FlightStats, and is subject to the FlightStats Terms of Use." That might be a good spot to take your complaint.

Sincerely sarcastic,


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